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writing annotated bibliography

Annotated bibliography is strongly detested by students for the amount of work it requires and for the seeming meaningless of the task. This bibliography lists sources you used and provides brief annotations related to credentials of the author and content of the source.

But if the assigned paper is completed and citations are provided, what is the sense of repeating the list of sources and describing what each one contains? Well, annotated bibliography in scholarly circles is a valuable source of help to researchers who explore the same area. They can learn from a well-compiled bibliography what books and articles are of the greatest help and what can be skipped for good.

How to write annotated bibliography?

Probably you must have already looked up this question: How to? in relation to bibliography and annotations. The point is that there is no single recipe of creating a valid and compelling bibliography. First of all it is necessary to follow closely the instructions provided by professors. They will highlight what sources to use and what to avoid, how many books and articles are to be included, maybe even the recommended authors and pieces will be mentioned as well. This really facilitates the task.

But it may happen so that none of these clarifications are provided and you have to look for sources independently. Then the general recommendation is to browse your college or university library and scholarly databases that you can access through affiliation with your study place. This move will guarantee that you select only peer-reviewed and trustworthy sources. Wikipedia, third party web-sites and blogs are not to be included into the bibliography.

There is not one, but several ways of writing annotated bibliography, and prior to setting to work you have to visualize what kind you are going to create.

Various kinds of annotated bibliographies

Not to confuse you from the very start, let us clarify the types of annotated bibliography you can be assigned in college. There are two main types of it, and both can be easily created by our writers.

The first one is descriptive (informative) and the second is analytical (critical or evaluative).

Descriptive one simply summarizes the source without assessing its strong and weak points.

Analytical one (as name suggests) critically approaches what is said in the book or article and points to possible flaws or gaps in reasoning and evidence. This second kind of bibliography is harder to complete but it is more useful since it gives a clue whether the boor or article should be read or included into someone's research as a reliable source of information.

How to do bibliography without problems?

So students really need to learn to create this kind of scholarly writing but it is not always easy or feasible in given circumstances. Writing annotated bibliography requires careful evaluation of each source and ability to put its summary into 3-4 sentences at most. This is time and efforts consuming activity, so when others tasks are pending or part-time work shift begins, no time can be spent on this noble writing.

So what one is supposed to do? Ask us here at to do it for you. Our experts and degree-holding scholars have sufficient experience in bibliographic and library studies, so it will easy for them to develop a brilliant annotated bibliography and select sources (if you do not provide them) that will match the requested topic.

ASAP Essay: We write your annotated bibliography

Yes, we can create a perfect annotated bibliography for you, and any chosen bibliography creator will know how to tackle the topical bibliography from the most vantage side. Formatting of bibliographies also matters, and be it APA, MLA, Harvard or Turabian, our experts know how to make it flawless. So just get in contact with us and provide your topic, and you will get an excellent annotated bibliography without much efforts and worries.

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